Perdue BioEnergy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Perdue AgriBusiness, has secured a contract from Bionol Clearfield, an ethanol production company, to supply feedstock and sell co-products for Bionol's 110 million gallon per year ethanol plant in Clearfield, Pennsylvania.

Under the terms of the contract, BioEnergy will purchase as much corn as possible from area farmers and the remainder from Midwest rail locations to supply approximately 40 million bushels of corn as feedstock for the $200m Clearfield plant, which began production in December 2009.

In addition, the contract will allow Perdue to market and sell 385,000 tons of the distillers grains, a co-product of ethanol production, as a feed ingredient to area feed mills serving Pennsylvania dairy, turkey and chicken operations and to international markets.

BioEnergy International chairman and CEO Stephen Gatto said that the company is pleased to be working with Perdue and its vast resources.

“Perdue’s ability to capitalize on home-grown corn and to market the distillers grains locally will continue to maximize the competitiveness of this important destination ethanol plant,” Gatto said.