Peikko Group’s Swedish subsidiary Peikko Sverige has secured a contract to build foundations for the first phase of 650MW Markbygden Wind Park in the Piteå area, Northern Sweden.

Under the contract, the company will deliver its reinforcement package including rebar coupling systems and punching and shear reinforcement for the 16 foundations of the wind park.

Peikko Sverige will also be responsible for the foundation design and structural calculations. It is expected to deliver the foundations by the end of 2017.

The wind park, which will consists of 179 wind turbines, is expected to become operational by the end of 2019. It will be built in three phases.

 While Svevind is the developer of Markbygden wind farm, NCC Sverige is the main contractor of the civil work and infrastructure, and will also be responsible for the installation work of the foundations.

General Electric will supply GE 3.6-137 wind turbines, which have hub heights of 131.40 meters.

Peikko Group CEO Topi Paananen said: “Currently Peikko is the leading onshore foundation technology supplier in the Nordic countries, and we are very proud to enhance our position in Sweden by participating in the Markbygden Wind Park project.

“The cost-efficiency of Peikko’s gravity foundations results from effective use of materials with reduced site assembly and construction time.”

In November, Macquarie Group’s Green Investment Group and GE partnered to deliver and operate the 650MW Markbygden ETT wind farm. The project was acquired by GE Energy Financial Services and Green Investment Group from Svevind.

The companies raised about €800m in financing for the construction of the wind farm.

The wind farm is expected to increase the total installed wind capacity of Sweden by 12.5%.

Image: GIG and GE to construct 650MW wind farm in Sweden. Photo: Courtesy of Green Investment Group.