The settlement petition provides for a revenue increase of $76.5 million, or $21.8 million less than the $98.3 million originally requested. If approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC), the average monthly residential bill of $141.58 would increase by $10.83, or 7.6%. The average monthly commercial bill of $688.22 would increase by $50.38, or 7.3%.

The settlement would also significantly enhance PECO’s low-income programs, specifically its Customer Assistance Program (CAP) and Low Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP). Under the plan, CAP would be expanded from two income-adjusted rates to four income-adjusted rates and funding would be increased from $4.3 million annually to approximately $13.7 million annually.

This would allow PECO help even more low-income customers. Funding for LIURP, which provides free weatherization measures to low-income customers, would be increased from almost $900,000 to $2.25 million.

In the filing, PECO has also proposed significant new energy efficiency programs to help customers manage their energy usage and gas bill. One of the programs is a new appliance rebate program that would provide customers with a $300 rebate to replace old furnaces or boilers with new high efficiency-certified models and a $50 rebate to replace old water heaters.