Battery energy storage, when controlled through Peak Power's proprietary SynergyTM intelligent software platform, has the ability to provide multiple benefits to building owners including increased resiliency, improved environmental performance, electricity bill savings, as well as additional revenues from participation in utility programs.

"We are very excited to partner with BGIS to offer our innovative energy storage as a service solution to their clients" said Derek Lim Soo, CEO of Peak Power. "The energy storage market is poised for exponential growth and our partnership with BGIS will enable a growth platform for Peak Power that also creates tremendous value for BGIS's clients."

"The role of real estate service providers is changing" said Gord Hicks, CEO of BGIS, "Our clients are asking us to provide them with innovative solutions that reduce their energy costs, while increasing reliability and resiliency of their business operations. By partnering with Peak Power, BGIS will be able to offer its clients an optimal energy cost savings solution, with enhanced on site energy storage, while contributing to the scale up of these technologies in the built environment".

Peak Power is also a founding member of the Building Energy Innovators Council (BEIC). Formed in 2016, the BEIC is an industry-driven initiative to accelerate the collaboration, innovation, and adoption of clean building technologies across Canada.