A total of 14 pyrope garnets have been recovered from four samples. The garnets are spaced from 200-400m meters apart and directly over a magnetic anomaly of similar dimensions.

About five pyrope garnets, ranging from 0.4-0.8mm in maximum dimension, were identified in each of the samples MTI64 and MTI83.

All of the grains collected from sample MTI64 exhibited irregular to well-formed trichitic pits and sinuous channels that are characteristic of chemical weathering.

Earlier, the company produced many indicators with proximal to source features including diamond from previous sampling on the project.

Pangolin president and CEO Dr Leon Daniels said: "These new results are exceptional in having features that are identical to pyrope garnets directly from weathered kimberlite, with no evidence of transport.

"Some of the fragile textures are directly related to interaction between the kimberlite magma and the garnets."

The company collected the samples directly over a geophysical aeromagnetic anomaly.

"Additional surveys are underway to define the best areas for drilling, which is scheduled to occur during the current Q4," Daniels added.

In September, Pangolin Diamonds recovered equant, brown aggregate diamond from the Malatswae project following completion of soil sampling.

Spread across an area of 2,480km2, the Pangolin Diamonds-owned Malatswae kimberlite project is located 90km southeast of the Orapa Mine.