Pall Corportaion will unveil a new argon gas purification system and other filtration and contamination control products for photovoltaic industry at the Intersolar North America in San Francisco, US between 10 to 12 July 2012.

The company will introduce Gaskleen PG44000 purification system at the exhibition, which is developed to remove moisture, oxygen and hydrocarbons from bulk argon gas.

Purification of the gases that are used in the solar industry adds to enhancing yields and energy conversion.

Among the other products on display will include Gaskleen purifier assemblies that can remove moisture from hydrogen chloride gas, a fully automatic Water Reclaim System that recovers 90% of deionized water and Blowback Filtaration Systems, protection of CZ ingot puller vacuum pumps.

These systems and products will provide long-term service and reduced maintenance costs for solar cell producers.