Chile-based renewable energy developer Pacific Solar has submitted plans to set up two photovoltaic plants in the country.

The submission was made before Chilean environmental authority Servicio de Evaluación Ambiental (SEA) to develop two plants with a combined installed capacity of 123.5MW.

Both plants are proposed to be constructed near the town of Maria Elena in the Antofagasta region, located in Tocopilla province, northern Chile.

Chilean firm Inti Pacific 1 will develop the first 69.5MW plant at a combined cost of $139m.

The facility will feature 350,280 polycrystalline silicon PV modules and the plant will be connected to the Northern Interconnected System (SING) grid.

Inti Pacific 2 will develop the second 54MW plant, named Pacific Photovoltaic Project, in two phases entailing an investment of $108m.

Pacific Photovoltaic Project will comprise 272,160 polycrystalline silicon modules, scheduled to begin operations in April 2014.

Inti Pacific 1 and 2 are affiliates of Spanish renewable energy developer Nexer.

Construction of both plants is expected to commence in December 2013.