Construction of Pacific NorthWest LNG plant in British Columbia will be delayed by at least three months, as the authorities have asked for clarifications over its impact on the environment.

The federal government of Canada will take nearly 90 days to give its approval for the project after receiving answers from Pacific NorthWest LNG.

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) has sought explanations from the company regarding the impact of the plant on fish, marine mammals and human health in the area.

The $11bn project is proposed to come up on Lelu Island and it would be a natural gas liquefaction and export facility to meet the demand from Asian markets.

"If the Minister decides that the Designated Projects is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects and the Governor in Council decides such effects are justifiable in the circumstances, any conditions established by the Minister would become legally binding," the agency said in a letter.

CEAA said that it had received new information from the company on the construction schedule and methods on 4 March.

The additional information has prompted the agency to request further clarifications on the project in order to know whether the project is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

CEAA statement said: "The information request pauses the legislated timeline, which will resume once the proponent has satisfied the information request."

"The government intends to make a final decision on the project within that timeframe, once the legislated timeline resumes."

After the completion, the facility will have a capacity of 12 MTPA, with two LNG liquefaction and purification plants. It will receive gas from North Monteny Joint Venture in Alberta.