This activity will be conducted in the OSyS optimisation center within the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) – established as part of the recent tenancy agreement among QSTP, Rolls-Royce and OSyS – in conjunction with support from OSyS in Derby, England.

Qatar Airways is investing in new and cleaner aircraft and is making a concerted effort to achieve and maintain minimum carbon emissions and reduce the impact on the environment. The fuel usage analysis, management and optimisation OSyS will provide for Qatar Airways’ fleet of more than 76 aircraft will advance that effort, the company said.

OSyS added that its ETS MRV solution will not only assist in achieving that goal, but will also provide a foundation for Qatar Airways’ work with the Aviation Global Deal Group and the International Air Transport Association toward establishing a global policy concerning aviation emissions.

OSyS claims that its ETS solutions provide the next steps to cost optimization and long-term decision support regarding carbon-credit trading.