The recently released Super Max E1 will offer an improved method of monitoring and conserving energy while simplifying the installation.

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 triggered a sharp increase in energy rates, conserving energy has become a priority for electric consumers in Japan. Osaki, the largest meter manufacturer in Japan developed a next generation demand controller that enables their customers better monitoring and managing of energy usage. MegaChips BlueChip Multi-hopping PLC technology offers stable communication among multiple devices while using the existing power line for this challenge.

Jun Abe, General Manager, New Product Dept. at Osaki commented that "In the future, energy management systems will be increasingly important. Until today, initial installation of a communications system was the biggest bottleneck for us due to rising construction costs. We believe MegaChips Multi-hop PLC technology is the best product to establish a system with higher flexibility of installation, lower construction cost and high speed bandwidth."

Masahiro Konishi, General Manager of Development at MegaChips, "Our BlueChip PLC Multi-hop" provides high-speed PLC communications and enables the construction of a 1,000-scale network with the function of max 10 hopping and the optimal protocol (ITU-T G.9905). It achieves a stable communications network through the wide area that is essential for the industrial use.