ORTEC Consulting Group business development director Rutger de Mare said: "ORTEC has been applying operations research in the energy and utilities market for over 30 years and we see smart grids as a crucial tool for the industry’s future.

"Data analysis is our specialty and smart grids offer a unique opportunity for us to apply our expertise in an area that has wide-ranging benefits not only for energy companies, but for society as a whole."

The company has also unveiled a new offering for utility and energy companies to enhance the strategic utilization of smart grid data.

The new offering leverages ORTEC’s existing optimization platform to help companies achieve the highest level of smart grid performance.

In addition to allowing companies to analyze and apply smart grid data to make more informed decisions, the ORTEC Consulting Group’s optimization platform allows planners to model every aspect of the smart grid, evaluate every constraint and planning scenario, compare outcomes and achieve the optimal level of performance.