OriginOil Inc has formed a new business unit to market its continuous-flow and chemical-free technology for frack-water cleanup and petroleum recovery.

Fracking, also referred to as Hydraulic fracturing allows a cost effective method of access deep underground oil and gas reserves leaving vast amounts of water contaminated.

The company is looking to exploit the market for disposal and treatment of frack-water, which it expects is in the region of $500bn.

OriginOil named former ExxonMobil president of Arabian Gulf, Abu Dhabi and UAE, R. Gerald Bailey, as an advisor to its business to kick start the operations.

Commenting on the developments Gerald Bailey termed the frac flowback water treatment process an achievement with much potential.

"I am looking forward to helping get this process into wide use in the oil and gas industry as a highly portable, high-flow and chemical-free way to maximize oil recovery and re-use the huge amounts of water used in oil exploration today," said Bailey.