The MeterSense meter data management (MDM) and CustomerConnect customer engagement solutions from Harris Utilities will help the South Carolina’s utility advance its operational efficiency.

After full implementation across all 63,000 Orangeburg DPU meters, MeterSense would help the municipal-owned utility eliminate losses, promote service reliability, automate meter functions, and provide upgrades.

Harris Utilities SmartWorks executive VP Norm Daigle said that the utility has demonstrated a clear vision for its smart grid solution that will serve it well.

"Orangeburg DPU is not only implementing a best-in-class smart grid solution from a technological standpoint, but also staging the technology launch in an optimal way," Daigle added.

"Utilities that implement solutions of a similar scope and which do so by introducing an MDM such as MeterSense before selecting an AMI partner can expect to realize immediate benefits from their new smart technologies"

Orangeburg DPU Electric Division director John Bagwell said, "We see the MDM as being the brains of our whole implementation. We felt it was important to have MeterSense in place before we begin collecting data from our new advanced meters so that we can take advantage of smart grid data the moment it starts coming in."

Orangeburg DPU provides electricity, gas, water and wastewater services to about 75,000 customers in South Carolina.