Available as a 4.6kW or 3.6kW single phase inverter, the lithium-ion battery is integrated within the same product enclosure. It enables homeowners and landlords to store excess energy produced by their PV installation during peak times for use during periods with higher energy demands, such as in the morning when everyone needs to get ready or the end of the day when the family arrives home.

Giovanni Frassineti, head of ABB’s solar business, explains: “We always look to optimize the performance of our products by drawing on the experience and technological advances across the business.

“We are proud of our market leading quality standards, and are confident that with the inclusion of the high performing features from our family of string inverters within the REACT design, our customers will be equally pleased with this innovation in domestic solar energy storage.”

Thanks to the integrated load manager, dual Maximum Power Point Track circuit and broad input voltage ranges, REACT optimizes energy usage by aligning energy production with the levels of consumption in the home.

Users can program up to four appliances, based on the stored energy available. In addition, the inclusion of an auxillary energy output, which feeds off the availablity of photovoltaic energy or electricity stored in the battery, allows some devices to be used during a black-out.

The energy storage system has also been designed for a long life-cycle, with the battery life expected to span ten years, and can be simply and efficiently increased to 6kWh of usage energy, with additional battery modules.

Furthermore, with a focus on the ease of operation for the user, REACT features an integrated Wi-Fi port and an application for smartphones or tablets, which helps users control and manage their energy use even when they’re away from the home.