Annual fiscal year 2009:

— The compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) in sales revenue in last five years is 14.49%

— Excluding trading 64% of the turnover derived from sale of crude oil, 13% from sale of Natural Gas, 14% from sale of value-added-products (VAPs) viz. liquefied petroleum gas, Naptha etc. 9%

— The CAGR in net profit in last five years is 13.23%

— ONGC continues to be a zero debt company.

Highlights of fourth quarter of fiscal year 2009 results:

— Crude oil production of 6.48 MMT (6.95 MMT in the same period in fiscal year 2008) including joint ventures (JVs) 0.45 MMT (0.50 MMT)

— Natural gas production 6.16 billion cubic meters (BCM) [6.14 BCM] including JVs 0.66 BCM (0.79 BCM)

— Sales turnover INR138.15 billion (down 12% from INR157.3 billion in fourth quarter of fiscal year 2008)

— Net Profit INR22.07 billion (down 16% from INR26.3 billion).