The 402kW system integrates Con Edison’s SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system that allows the utility to remotely monitor and control the system. The SCADA system, part of the Smart Grid Deployment Project, adds an enhanced level of resiliency to Con Edison’s grid, helping to protect the utility’s customers from catastrophic power outages. This is the OnForce Solar’s fourth deployment in conjunction with the utility under the Smart Grid Deployment Project.

Price Master’s rooftop solar system is expected to generate in excess of 420,000 kilowatt hours of clean energy per year. In addition to the company realizing an immediate and substantial reduction in energy costs, the system will offset 638,224 pounds of CO2 emissions annually.

Charles Feit, CEO of OnForce Solar commented, "It was a pleasure working with Price Master on its solar initiatives. The solar system will cover 100% of the energy needs of the facility. The management team is forward thinking and clearly ahead of the curve."
The solar system installation was made possible, in part, through an award that Price Master received from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) through Governor Cuomo’s NY-Sun initiative as well as a property tax abatement from New York City.

New York City businesses are burdened with some of the highest energy costs in the nation. Converting to solar energy has become a more viable option in New York State due to a combination of city and federal incentives, lower solar panel prices, and solar financing options.