Besides CRM-related APIs, which have been the main focus for the solar industry to date, OneRoof Energy’s library is the first to offer a wide range of APIs that allow service providers to integrate residential solar into their business models.

Through the library, service providers can interface with SunOpps, OneRoof Energy’s web-based platform that allows dealers, affiliates and sales people to design, sell and manage a solar electric system. At the heart of SunOpps is SunOpps Intelligence, which constitutes a series of calculation engines and estimation tools that provide accurate savings and pricing information, taking into account factors such as shading, products and sun zones. The SunOpps API allows third party systems to communicate with OneRoof Energy’s tools without needing to access the company’s web portal.

The SunOpps API is available to service and product providers in energy programs, home energy management and home automation across the United States. It allows providers interested in selling solar to use a single API to access solar lease pricing, proposal financing, lease fulfillment and solar performance monitoring data, saving time and money with the industry’s leading solar technology and leasing application. By making the SunOpps API widely available, OneRoof Energy’s technological leadership continues to make solar adoption easier for both homeowners and industry partners.

Many OneRoof Energy partners have already used SunOpps to:

Integrate OneRoof Energy’s residential solar lease product, SolarSelect, including zero down financing, with existing financing options

Send and manage electronic documentation including solar lease proposals, lease agreements and fulfillment updates

Perform business processes related to the fulfillment of lease financing including streamlined title search, address verification and credit check processes

Display homeowner solar production data on their apps and websites

For home energy management and automation companies, the SunOpps API allows them to integrate solar energy production data and monitoring into existing home energy management and automation systems.

"OneRoof Energy is building 25-year relationships with homeowners through its SolarSelect lease, and that long-term relationship provides small businesses, established companies, and utilities a unique opportunity to collaborate on a bundled offering. The SunOpps API leverages technology to make this possible in a cost effective, streamlined way," said Hussein Yahfoufi, Vice President of Technology and Corporate Services. "With the growing demand for home energy management and automation services, we are excited to offer the SunOpps API as the link to the solar-powered home."