The companies will conduct site feasibility analysis and offer solar system design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and monitoring services. O’Neal and Scheuten also plan to work with other solar distributors and installers in the Southeast.

Through the partnership, O’Neal and Scheuten Solar plan to offer turn-key PV solar systems for industrial, commercial, institutional, and utility scale solar projects.

Scheuten and O’Neal will work together to develop solar project opportunities through joint sales and marketing activities.

Kevin Bean, president and CEO of O’Neal, said: “This is a natural entree to our focus on the growing renewable market. The number of people and companies interested in exploring solar technologies is up dramatically.

”We’ve partnered with Scheuten Solar USA so that we can deliver turn-key renewable solutions to our customers, and can help them navigate the tax and regulatory aspects of solar energy.”

Dave Johnson, president of Scheuten Solar, said: “Our capabilities are very complimentary. O’Neal has a solid history in the design and construction business, and we have a long history of providing solar solutions.

”We are excited about helping more companies take advantage of the benefits of clean, renewable solar energy.”