Oncor Electric’s decision to add the hybrid-powered bucket trucks comes as a result of its participation in a 2006 trial of the hybrid trucks in the field, organized by the non-profit organization CALSTART. Oncor Electric was one of 14 utilities included in the trial, the results of which were very positive. The fuel savings Oncor Electric receives from these hybrids help save the environment by using less fuel, a non-renewable resource.

Other pluses include less maintenance, less noise from the trucks at job sites and reduced emissions. Emissions are by-products of driving and are considered very bad for the environment. The hybrid-powered bucket truck emits less of these while driving, making it better for the environment and Texas air.

On Friday, May 1, 2009 the trucks will hit the field, with one heading to work in Waco and the other to Fort Worth. Both are wrapped in Texas flag-inspired artwork, with Hybrid Truck and Small Changes. Better Texas marked on both sides of each truck.

“We wrapped the trucks so that when people see them working in their neighborhood, they will know that these are hybrids and will recognize that these trucks have a positive impact on Texas,” said Brenda Jackson, Oncor Electric senior vice president of business operations. “We hope that they will know that Oncor Electric cares about this state and will be inspired to make their own changes to make Texas better.”

Other changes are also included that make this state a better place for Texans to live in, like donating old clothes to charities to help the needy or turning off the water faucet when brushing your teeth to conserve water.

“We believe that every small change we can make as a company can add up to making a big difference for our state,” Jackson said. “The Better Texas web site is not only a way for us to showcase these small changes we’re making, but it is also a way for us to encourage other Texans to do the same. Imagine the positive impact on Texas if everyone took a few minutes to make just one change.”