The new platform supports greater than 50sq m coverage and up to forty thousand electric meters per On-Ramp ULP Access Point.

On-Ramp’s advanced Meter Communication Module supports ANSI meter markets with advanced features such as remote disconnect, on demand reads, precise event correlation and interval reads down to fifteen minutes.

In collaboration with systems integrators as well as Valued Added Resellers and manufacturers, On-Ramp intends to provide utility customers with a complete suite of solutions and services.

The company will also work with meter data management systems (MDMS) partners to transform AMI data into accurate, timely and actionable information for electric, natural gas and water utilities on a single converged network.

On-Ramp president and CEO Joaquin Silva said with the company’s new meter device interface offerings and MDMS partners, it offers a complete global platform for smart meter communications and converged distribution grid automation applications.