Eearnings before interest and taxes amounted to E1.69 billion, increasing by 2% compared to the same period in 2007. Petrom’s contribution to the group’s EBIT was E506 million. Net income increased by 16% to E1.26 billion. Cash flow of the operations decreased by 9% to E1.57 billion.

Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer, CEO of OMV, said: We have generated strong results in the first three quarters of this year. This once again provides evidence to the success of our strategy, to advance our growth as an integrated oil and gas group. All business segments are performing well.

Comparing third quarters, sales in 2007 increased by 6% to approximately E5.14 billion and EBIT rose by 23% to E619 million. Net income after minorities, which is so far the highest quarterly result of OMV, increased by 40% to E517 million.