Omnitek Engineering has entered into an agreement with a major refuse collection company that seeks to convert diesel-powered refuse collection trucks to operate on compressed natural gas.

This agreement has been signed under the experimental permit issued to Omnitek by the California Air Resources Board. The permit will check for the durability of the conversion kits as well as collect data on emissions reduced.

According to Omnitek Engineering president and chief executive officer Werner Funk conversion of diesel engines to operate on natural gas offers a significant return on investment, with much lower fuel costs and cleaner combustion.

"Conversions under this program have already commenced and we look forward to certification and working with this industry leader in refuse collection to ramp up conversions on a much larger scale," added Funk.

Omnitek has embarked on the experimental permit program to accelerate its certification that will pave the way for large scale deployment of its conversion kits with the refuse collection operator.