Manganese ore marketing will be carried out through a Singapore-based JV firm OM Tshipi (OMT) while the three parties will hold a stake of 33.3% each in OMT.

Meanwhile, Colin Ouwehand will be transferred from the OM Group to take on the role of chief executive officer of OMT, as part of the OMT formation.

OM Holdings holds a 13% stake in Tshipi through its 26% strategic investment in Tshipi’s controlling shareholder, Ntsimbintle Mining.
With this agreement, OMT could become a major marketer of South African manganese ore with the potential to sell more than two million tonnes of Tshipi ore per annum.

OM Trades is the wholly-owned subsidiary of diversified minerals group OM Holdings, while Jupiter Kalahari (Mauritius) is the wholly owned subsidiary of Jupiter mines.