Oltmans Construction unveiled the Metrolink Public Transportation Station 2MW solar PV carports and electrical vehicle (EV) charging stations project in the City of Industry located in California, US.

The solar PV carports deployed on an existing parking lot provide electricity directly to the grid which powers the 64 EV charging stations also installed on the site.

The project was made possible, in part, by a 20-year power purchase agreement offered by Southern California Edison.

The City of Industry mayor David Perez said the City of Industry took the opportunity to convert the Metrolink station parking lot into a solar power generating facility that provides power to the grid, along with individual charging stations for electric vehicles.

"Oltmans Construction and Southern California Edison were great partners in this joint effort and the City appreciates all the hard work that went into this project," Perez said.

Oltmans vice president Tony Perez said the 64 electric vehicle charging stations were installed and incorporated into the City of Industry carport project in anticipation of a future trend planned for more use of electrically powered vehicles.

"The eight month project was done in two phases, thereby minimizing any inconvenience to the daily heavy traffic of Metrolink customers," Perez said.

The project consisted of 8,372 solar modules including 196 LED carport lights using about 10 miles of conduit and 44 miles of wiring to complete the project.

The construction firm said the carport provides shaded area for 940 car stalls and generates 2MW DC of electric power.

The power system will have a generating capacity of 2,900MWh per year.