American Petro-Hunter has said that following a planned fracture stimulation, the NOS227 well in Oklahoma, US, will be able to produce at an initial production rate (IPR) of 300 barrels of oil per day (bopd).

The company said that these claims are based on a series of successful tests and an engineering analysis of the resulting data.

The company’s well completion contractor based in Cushing, Oklahoma, has said that a newly designed multi-stage surge frack has been highly effective in increasing Mississippi production in the area.

Analogous vertical wells located nearby and to the north of NOS227 have paid out in less than 90 days when successful fracks of this type have been implemented.

The NOS227 will become the third production well at the North Oklahoma project in Payne County, Oklahoma.

The well was drilled to 3,820ft which includes the 85ft of the aforementioned Mississippi formation.

American Petro-Hunter has a 50% interest in the well.