Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping has completed the sale of its marine CSEM acquisition businesses, OHM Ltd and OHM Surveys.

With this sale, Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping is now a specialist interpreter of seismic, CSEM and well data.

The company’s seismic and well data interpretation skills were already long established within the Rock Solid Images business, which was acquired by the company in 2007, according to the company.

Since then, considerable progress has been made in the integration of CSEM with seismic and well data.

Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping CEO Richard Cooper said that seismic data remains the geophysical tool of choice for subsurface exploration and exploitation of oil and gas resources.

The company said that combination of non-seismic data such as well-logs, CSEM and magneto-telluric (MT) adds value to seismic and is becoming increasingly important tool in areas where seismic alone provides an incomplete or ambiguous result.