The Village of Oak Park, Illinois, has planned to offer free parking and vehicle stickers for electric vehicles (EVs) as part of its effort to encourage residents to purchase electric vehicles and EV enthusiasts to see the community as a welcoming place.

Oak Park has also plans of installing at least two charging stations in collaboration with ComEd, an electric utility, and I-GO car sharing, a non-profit organization providing car sharing service, to support more widespread use of EVs in the region.

This initiative to provide free parking for electric vehicles is looked upon by Oak Park as a step towards enabling the region, and the nation in the broader spectrum, to achieve energy independence and develop a sustainable earth for future generations.

Village of Oak Park manager Tom Barwin said that this step is largely symbolic, given that all-electric vehicles are just now beginning to become available, but some of the best minds in the world are working on EV technology because they know it will create an economic revolution.

"But the key to the future of electric cars will be new battery technology, which has spawned a race among governments around the globe that are investing tens of billions of dollars into research and development and the US needs to lead this effort," Barwin said.