YTC Resources has intersected high-grade lead-zinc-silver lens in the drilling program on the western side of the Nymagee main lode.

The company also discovered strong copper intersections within the Nymagee main lode.

Vertical continuity of high grade copper mineralization exists to approximately 165m below the deepest levels of the mine, and the mine could be readily mineable by standard bench stoping methods, the company said.

YTC CEO Rimas Kairaitis said that it is very encouraging to not only intersect high grade copper with gold credits, but also to confirm the presence of a high grade lead-zinc-silver lens on the western side of the Nymagee Main Lode.

"The existence of high grade lead-zinc-silver lenses in the upper part of the system is very consistent with the CSA model, and would likely be readily treatable in the proposed Hera process plant," Kairaitis said.

The company said that remnant pillar mineralization and the unmined lead-zinc-silver lenses within the mine will make a considerable contribution to an expanded mining operation contemplated at Nymagee.

YTC believes that Nymagee deposit has the potential to be mined and treated under an expanded development scenario in conjunction with the company’s Hera Project.

The program started in August 2010, and the first drill holes discovered high grade copper as massive and semi-massive sulphides about 55m below the deepest mine level of the mine.