Numonyx will design and deliver the non-volatile memory products to Virident based on both its present and future flash memory and Phase-Change Memory (PCM) products. Numonyx’ memory solutions bridge the gap in these new systems between the DRAM and disk by integrating the performance advantages of DRAM with large capacity, low-cost and reliability benefits of the disk-based storage. Virident servers utilizing the Numonyx memory will allow dramatic increases in the performance for in-memory applications, enabling data centers to meet the growth demands of the internet and cloud computing while managing the tighter cost and energy budgets. Virident server products based on the Numonyx memories are anticipated to be available in the second half of 2009.

Virident has introduced its GreenGateway technology in June 2008, which is a building block for transforming the compute-centric servers into data-centric servers in the data center. Virident will incorporate the GreenGateway with Numonyx memory solutions to supply system-level data center solutions that deliver matchless performance, scalability, cost and energy efficiency.

“Virident and Numonyx share a common vision for the role and value of new system approaches in the data center,” stated Raj Parekh, Virident president and chief executive officer. Numonyx is uniquely suited as a partner to provide industry leading enterprise-class flash and PCM memory technologies in the coming years. These will help us create a new approach to industry standard servers, which will mean extraordinary innovation in cloud applications and servers with superior performance, cost and energy efficiency.”

“Virident’s innovative approach to server design opens up a new market opportunity for non-volatile memory in a large and growing segment of the computing market,” stated Brian Harrison, chief executive officer at Numonyx. Flash and ultimately PCM will become important and vital technology components of the Internet and enterprise data center, and we look forward to supporting Virident in developing leadership products and penetrating this new and exciting market opportunity.”

Numonyx is a Switzerland-based designer and manufacturer of full complement of integrated NOR, NAND and Phase Change non-volatile memory technologies and products.

Virident is a US-based developer of core technology platforms that will deliver energy efficiency, improved server utilization, and service continuity.