Nujira Limited (Nujira) has introduced new compact and efficient 4G (LTE and WiMAX) handset RF front end, Coolteq-I. The new Coolteq-l transfers the company’s high accuracy tracking (HAT) technology from base station to the terminal. The new Coolteq-l allows the creation of efficient wideband RF front end, covering three to five times the bandwidth of standard design with up to double the efficiency.

The new Coolteq-I is scheduled to showcase at Mobile World Congress 2009 event in February 2009 to be held in Barcelona, Spain. Only two power amplifiers (PAs) are needed to design a front end covering all the 14 different frequency bands defined by 3GPP for LTE and all of the operating modes like GSM, EDGE, WCDMA, HSUPA and LTE. This compares to the extent that seven or more without the company’s solution. Test results show that a handset PA with the new Coolteq-I technology is twice as efficient during the HSUPA transmissions, and 1.5 times as efficient during the W-CDMA transmissions compared with same PA without HAT. For the WiMAX, a new Coolteq-l based front end can attain even greater power savings of up to four times.

According to Tim Haynes, chief executive officer of Nujira, “Our announcement today is an industry first in power efficiency and savings – delivering up to a 50% reduction in cost and power consumption, therefore doubling the battery life of a 4G terminal RF front end when compared with technologies in use today.”

“Power efficiency of 4G handsets is a significant hurdle that device manufacturers will need to overcome,” say Kevin Burden, director of Mobile Device at ABI Research.