According to a report in the Guardian newspaper, the UK’s nuclear energy community believes that incentives to encourage the private sector to build a new fleet of nuclear power plants do not go far enough to ensure the vision is realized.

In the lead-up to the review’s July 11 publish date, the government had hinted that it would not be offering major financial incentives to the private sector to build new nuclear power facilities. This proved to be the case when the details of the review became known.

The government said it would be willing to work with the industry to aid the process, including reducing red tape in the approval process and allowing reactor designs to be licensed in advance, but significant sums of public money have not been put on the bargaining table.

In response to the publishing of the review, the Association of Electricity Producers (AEP) has said politicians must get away from the froth of words and come up with something more concrete to win its support, the Guardian reports.

David Porter, chief executive of the AEP, added: They (the UK government) have to spend at least GBP20 billion on clean, new power stations.