Denmark-based energy company NRGi has selected eMeter EnergyIP meter data management platform to improve and scale its smart grid deployment to over 210,000 meters.

eMeter said it will serve as part of NRGi’s forward-thinking framework for energy management in Europe, in partnership with Eltel.

The eMeter EnergyIP platform will replace Gorlitz, further developing NRGi’s advanced metering infrastructure integration, enabling functionality and integrating customer information for billing and synchronization within Eltel’s smart metering systems.

According to eMeter, NRGi’s platform shift to eMeter EnergyIP will allow rapid time-to-market for its smart meter deployment goals this year, including control and monitoring of low-voltage networks and enabling end-to-end smart grid tariffs for distributed energy production.

Additional applications that could be implemented on the platform include demand response, load quality, phase balance, and network aggregation.

eMeter EnergyIP delivers event-driven information and automation in real-time to integrate utility operations and manage the smart grid.