npower renewables (npower) said that offshore installation works are to resume at the site of Rhyl Flats Offshore Wind Farm next week. Construction of the first of 25 wind turbines will begin on April 1, 2009 when the jack-up barge Lisa-A2 will be loaded with components at the Port of Mostyn, from where it will sail to the wind farm site. It is anticipated that the erection of the first turbine will be completed about a week later.

The turbines are being mounted on top of the 25 foundation piles that were sunk in 2008.

In the summer, Lisa-A will be joined in turbine construction by a second jack-up barge the KS Titan 23.

Construction of the turbines will take place during both day and night however the turbine installation work is not expected to generate noise that will be audible onshore.

The three export cables, which will bring the electricity to shore from the wind farm, were laid in 2008. In late April 2009, the barge Discoverer4 will start work on installing the inter-array cabling – the network of cables buried under the seabed which link the individual wind turbines together.

Work on the onshore electrical substation at Towyn is nearing completion. Once this work is finished, the substation will be connected to the National Grid and so be ready to receive power from the offshore wind farm.

Rhyl Flats project manager Richard Watson said, “The construction programme to complete the second and final phase of Rhyl Flats Offshore Wind Farm is in place.

During the summer, the wind farm will start to produce its first electricity and we expect that all 25 wind turbines will be generating clean, green electricity in the final quarter of 2009.”

Rhyl Flats Offshore Wind Farm is located five miles off the North Wales coast. Once fully operational, it will generate enough power to meet the annual electricity needs of around 61,000 homes and prevent the release of tens of thousands of tones of the main greenhouse gas carbon dioxide every year that would otherwise be produced by traditional fossil fuel-burning energy generation.