UK based energy firm npower and power management company Flexitricity have signed a smart grid agreement to offer services for commercial energy consumers and small power generators for reducing energy consumption and increasing generation at times of high demand in the UK.

npower has recently launched its new SmartSTOR service that connects energy assets such as standby generators and electricity consuming equipment with a smart grid system.

According to the companies, many businesses are sitting on untapped sources of revenue in their standby generators, electricity consuming equipment, combined heat and power (CHP) generators and hydro generators.

npower claims that SmartSTOR provides an opportunity to access this revenue, which can exceed £100,000 per year on a single, medium-sized industrial site.

SmartSTOR will create revenue because National Grid pays businesses to have reserve power available on standby and makes further payments when this reserve electricity is required, the company said.

Flexitricity’s smart grid system provides short term operating reserve (STOR) to the National Grid, which is a method of providing additional power during times of system stress from fast-acting generation or demand-reduction.

The company’s smart grid communicates directly with electricity generating and consuming equipment on npower clients’ sites.