For Electric Vehicles to become mainstream, they must be as easy to use and to fuel as their gasoline counterparts. This means that electric vehicle charging stations must be conveniently available to EV owners wherever they work and play and this infrastructure must be ready to charge before the cars are introduced. NovaCharge recruits key sales partners who understand their customer’s needs, and who can help make this new EV infrastructure a reality.

“NovaCharge is committed to creating the highest quality and best trained partner network in the EV Infrastructure industry,” said Helda Rodriguez, president, NovaCharge, “We only recruit partners who are passionate about customers and who are committed to excellence. The AVRC, has a track record of demonstrated success and commitment to customer quality, and we are proud to have them as a part of our growing partner network.”

The AVRC has now completed more plug-in hybrid conversions than any other organization on the East Coast.

“The AVRC is excited about this partnership with NovaCharge to provide Coulomb sales and service to our customers in Virginia and North Carolina through our offices in Danville, and Raleigh,” commented AVRC Executive Director Dick Dell. “Through this partnership with NovaCharge, along with our ability to provide plug-In hybrid conversions for the Toyota Prius, Ford Escape and soon a wide range of other vehicles, the AVRC is now a single point of contact for vehicle conversions and infrastructure to support the electrification of fleet vehicles for city governments and others.”

NovaCharge is a US-based company that deploys smart charging infrastructure for plug-in electric vehicles by providing solution from Coulomb Technologies known as the ChargePoint Network.

Coulomb Technologies is a US-based designer and builder of charging stations for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

AVRC is a US-based provider of environmentally friendly transportation infrastructure to public utilities, governmental agencies, educational institutions and corporations.