The company signed a long-term contract with RESL in February 2008 to buy energy from a 22MW wind farm to be built at Point Tupper. Under an agreement announced last month, RESL will continue to build and operate the wind farm while Nova Scotia Power will purchase 49% of the project.

Robin McAdam, executive vice president of sustainability at Nova Scotia Power, said: “We are very pleased to have this partnership with an experienced Nova Scotia company like RESL which has been producing wind energy in our province since 2005.

“Our agreement preserves an excellent project and also ensures that we maintain a long-term contract that will provide clean energy at the lowest possible cost to Nova Scotia Power customers.”

Under the agreement with RESL, Nova Scotia Power proposes to buy six of the wind farm’s new 11 Enercon wind turbines. There is an existing turbine at Point Tupper. RESL will continue to own that turbine as well as five new turbines on the site, in addition to being responsible for construction and operation.

The agreement is structured to ensure that all energy from the Point Tupper wind farm will contribute toward achievement of provincial renewable energy standards (RES).