A contract notice has been issued in Tyssedal, Norway to supply hydraulic turbines and related equipment to Breiavatn power plant.

The contract, awarded by AS Tyssefaldene, is to supply the following:

* One Francis unit, a maximum flow of approximately 6.6m3/sec, with head varying from around 42m to 16m, which is to be installed underground in an existing transfer tunnel from Breivatn to Nibbehol.

* A synchronous generator, with output of approximately 2.4MW, voltage of 400V, alternating to 6.6kV.

* Control and switch gear equipment.

* One transformer, output approximately 2.7MVA, step-up transformation to 22kV, which shall be located in an entrance building 100m away from the power station hall.

* By-pass gate, opening roughly 1 X 1.5m.

The yearly average energy production is 11.3GWh. The site does not have any road access, which means that the biggest items must be transported in the wintertime on snow over a distance of about 70km. The transport will otherwise be by helicopter with a maximum transport weight of 900kg.

Final decision about constructing the power plant will be taken when all the tenders have been received and the final construction cost has been calculated.

The date of tender is 14 December 2006.

Further information can be obtained at: Norconsult AS, Vestfjordgaten 4, Attn: Ivar K. Elstad, N-1338 Sanvika, Norway. Tel: +47 67 57 14 80. Email: ike@norconsult.co.

Further information relating to this notice may be available on the Doffin website, please click the link below.

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