Northland Power said that its wholly-owned 260MW North Battleford natural gas facility has begun commercial operations, following completion of all required tests.

Located in west central Saskatchewan, the facility will provide baseload and intermediate power to the Saskatchewan power grid under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Saskatchewan Power.

Northland secured the PPA after a competitive bidding process in 2008.

Kansas City based Kiewit Power Partners built the plant under an engineer, procure and construct contract, while construction commenced on June 2010.

The facility include a 170MW General Electric gas turbine operating in "combined cycle" with a heat recovery steam generator (large boiler) and steam turbine.

The boiler produces steam for use in the steam turbine, generating additional electricity, for a total capacity of 260MW.

Northland operations VP David Dougall said, "The opening of our second facility in Saskatchewan represents an important milestone for Northland. With North Battleford in operation, we are now generating over 340 MW of power in Saskatchewan, and net 1,265 MW across all of our operating facilities."