The 332 MW wind farm has a total of 54 of Senvion’s turbines, each with a capacity to generate 6.15 MW. Each turbine is 153m tall, with hub height at 90m and with a rotor diameter of 126m. The turbines are supported by monopile structures, each being 70m in length.

Nordsee One chief operating officer Tim Kittelhake said: “We successfully completed turbine installation within seven months.

“With this process now complete, we are now focused on achieving project completion. Our goal is to ensure complete operational readiness by the end of this year. The team is working hard to deliver the gift of green energy for the holidays.”

The wind farm is owned by Northland Power and Innogy, which hold 85% and 15% stakes respectively. Previously Innogy held 100% stake in the project, but in 2015, it sold 85% of the stake to Northland Power, the Canadian independent power producing company.  The sale took place even before the construction of the wind farm began.

The total estimated cost of the wind farm’s construction is €1.2bn. Turbine installation process at the wind farm began in March this year. Commissioning of the wind farm is almost complete and by the end of this year, the wind farm is expected to fully start the commercial operations.

When operational, the wind farm is expected to generate an annual output of more than 1300 GWh of clean electricity, which is enough to meet the electricity requirements of 400,000 German households, while avoiding about 475,000 tonnes of carbon and 11000 tonnes of sulphur emissions per year. The wind farm is expected to have an average life of 25 years.

Northland Power CEO John Brace said: "Congratulations to the project team for achieving this important milestone.

"With Nordsee One nearing completion, we remain focused on delivering a high-quality project that exemplifies Germany's commitment to sustainable energy."

Image: Northland Power’s Nordsee One nears commissioning. Photo: Courtesy of Nordsee One GmbH.