Carried out in collaboration with Northeast Utilities subsidiary, Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECO), the R&D project culminates two years of joint venture development and testing resulting in a successful transfer trip deployment in Springfield, Massachusetts, US.

The power line communications (PLC) technology has been specifically customized for DG-TTP application to provide a sustainable and cost effective solution for the necessary protection of the distributed generation facility.

GridEdge Networks President and CEO Nachum Sadan said DG-TTP fills a real need in a new and fast growing market, and will also prove to be beneficial to other utilities.

"I believe the low cost and ease of installation will enable more renewable energy generation projects to be completed," Sadan added.

The technology provides advanced grid protection in situations of unintentional islanding, by detecting the islanding condition and disconnecting the energy generation facility within two seconds as required by the criteria established in the IEEE-1547 regulatory standard.

Designed to be installed on the existing energized primary lines, the technology requires minimal ongoing maintenance and helps in reducing the utility’s operating costs.

The DG-TTP system is required for most utility scale energy generators that directly attach to the distribution grid.

GridEdge Networks is launching the DG-TTP product this month.