With the permit, North Dakota Pipeline’s unit Enbridge Energy Partners will commence construction of the Sandpiper Pipeline Project by 01 July 2014 in the state of North Dakota.

Ina addition to funding 37.5% to the Sandpiper Pipeline Project, Marathon Petroleum will hold an approximate 27% interest in the North Dakota Pipeline once the project begins operations expected in early 2016.

Enbridge Energy Partners president Mark Maki said that the approval marks a milestone for the state of North Dakota as the Sandpiper Pipeline would provide to move more than 20% of the Williston Basin’s current production.

"This project will help get Bakken product to desirable markets, continuing to bolster economic growth," Maki added.

The 616-mile Sandpiper Pipeline Project is expected to have the initial capacity to transport up to 225,000 bpd from Beaver Lodge Station, located south of Tioga, North Dakota, to Clearbrook, Minnesota.

The project later would transport 375,000 bpd from Clearbrook to an affiliated Enbridge terminal in Superior, Wisconsin for subsequent transfer onto other pipelines to refinery markets in the US and eastern Canada.

"Enbridge and Marathon Petroleum are making a $2.6 billion investment in energy infrastructure with this project alone, meaning good-paying jobs, an economic boost for local communities during construction and significant, long-term tax contributions," Maki continued.

"In addition, Sandpiper will help alleviate rail congestion and reduce strain on roads and highways by carrying the equivalent of more than 4,000 trucks or 2,000 rail cars every day."

North Dakota Pipeline Company is a joint venture between Enbridge Energy Partners and Williston Basin Pipe Line, an indirect subsidiary of Marathon Petroleum.

Image: North Dakota Pipeline to construct Sandpiper Pipeline Project. Photo: courtesy of supakitmod/Freedigitalphotos.net