Swedish wind power company Nordisk Vindkraft has commissioned the 144MW Sidensjö wind power plant located 15km west of Örnsköldsvik and 440km north of Stockholm, Sweden.

Being developed for German utility and infrastructure services provider Stadtwerke München (SWM), the power plant is claimed to be one of largest wind farms in the country.

Featuring 48 turbines, the wind farm is designed to generate 400GWh of renewable electricity which will help in cutting down CO2 emission of 380.000 tons per year and also contributes to Sweden’s effort to reduce climate impact.

Nordisk Vindkraft CEO Arne Lorenzen said: "The Sidensjö wind will be a major contribution to reaching the climate targets in Sweden and in Europe and we are proud to hand over this impressive wind farm on time and on budget.

"We are now looking forward to continue the cooperation with our client Stadtwerke München during the operational phase of the wind farm together with the local stakeholders in and around the Sidensjö area."

The project created up to 200 jobs during the construction.

Stadtwerke München corporate investment management head Christian Vogt said: "Thanks to the good and professional collaboration with Nordisk Vindkraft, our renewable energies expansion campaign has taken a further big step forward.

"This is because the 400 million kilowatt-hours of green electricity that are produced there every year are sufficient to cover the demand of 160,000 Munich households.

"And SWM’s expansion of renewable energies continues: along with the three offshore wind parks DanTysk and Global Tech I in the North Sea, and Gwynt y Môr in the Irish Sea, the Sidensjö onshore wind park is our fourth major project that is being commissioned this year.

"And our next large-scale regenerative project is already being created with the start of construction works on the Sandbank offshore wind park."