Nordex was earlier contracted to deliver a total of 19 turbines for the first two phases of the project totalling 57MW.

The additional 11 units of N131/3000 machines Nordex will deliver under the new deal will increase the plant’s capacity to 90 MW.

Nordex says that the site of Kivivaara- Peuravaara is challenging due the presence of forest and hills that cause wind turbulences, along with temperatures reaching close to freezing points.

To meet this challenge, the company says that it will install the wind turbines on 144m tubular steel towers, which can leverage less-turbulent winds.

Nordex will also install anti-icing system on rotor blades which reduces ice formation and reduces the chances of downtime. This anti-icing system has also been previously installed in the older wind turbines at the site.

Nordex claims that with anti-icing system installed, the wind turbines can increase electricity production by up to 25%.

The German firm will also provide full service for the whole wind farm for a minimum of 15 years.

Nordex Northern Europe executive vice president Kim Wichmann- Hansen said: “Whilst our local sales team has been busy completing the above contracts with Taaleri for the 2017 installation campaign, our Project Management team has been equally busy installing this year’s planned turbines of the same generation type.

“I am happy to see that we are making good progress and on track with our plans for installing the largest of our turbines.”

Image: Nordex receives repeat order from Kivivaara- Peuravaara wind farm. Photo: Courtesy of Nordex SE.