The wind project is jointly owned by SAB WindTeam, Syscom Sarl and Loscon. Nordex was also involved in the project as one of the developers through its distribution channel Nordex Development.

Nordex will be installing 13 of its N100/2500 turbines with power generation capacity of 2.5MW. These 13 turbines produce 32.5MW of power combined.

Nordex says that the particular wind turbine N100/2500 is ideally suited for the wind conditions in Eplessier.

It will start the delivery of the wind turbines in October 2016. Majority of the project is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2017.

Apart from the installation of the wind turbines, Nordex will also provide service to the wind farm under the contract for 15 years.

The project partner Syscom Sarl, has strong regional integration and has served as the main local developer.

Finance for the project has been procured by SAB WindTeam during the development phase.

It also played a leading role in organising the sale of the project to the new owner, one of the funds that TTR Energy manages.

At present Nordex has an installed capacity of 18GW in more than 25 markets worldwide.

Image: Nordex to install 32.5MW capacity wind farm in France. Photo: Courtesy of Nordex SE.