OPSA was informed that when the fire occurred the process was shut down, facility personnel mustered and the operator’s Emergency Response Procedure was implemented. There were no reported casualties. NOPSA was informed that the fire was extinguished by the facility personnel in approximately 90 minutes with marine support vessels in the area standing by to provide assistance if required. The NOPSA inspectors will establish the facts of the incident and review the operation of the safety systems for the facility.

The Nguijima-Yin Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) facility is located at the Vincent oil field in Commonwealth waters in the Exmouth Sub-basin, 43 km north of the North West Cape and 10km north-east of the Enfield oil accumulation. NOPSA is the occupational health and safety regulator for the Australian offshore petroleum industry.

NOPSA aims to achieve the outcome of an Australian oil and gas industry that properly controls the health and safety risks to its workforce at its offshore petroleum operations.