Nitto Denko, a diversified materials manufacturer and its US water treatment technology subsidiary Hydranautics, have won a contract to supply its newly-developed 16-inch SWC-1640 and ESPAB-1640 elements for a seawater desalination plant, to be constructed in Sorek, Israel.

The desalination plant, which will be designed and constructed by Sorek Desalination, will have the capacity to produce 411,000 cubic meter of treated water per day, with the membrane modules accounting for 205,500 cubic meter per day, and is expected to be operational in 2013.

The 16-inch membrane element is claimed to increase the water production capacity per element by four times as compared to a conventional 8-inch element, allowing water treatment plant to reduce its initial investment cost by some 10%, and life cycle cost by approximately $61m over two decades.

The SWC5-1640 is designed to execute desalination with lower pressure applied than before, and therefore it consumes less electricity and achieves high water flux without sacrificing rejection much, thereby contributing to more economical seawater desalination.

Finally, Nitto Denko’s ESPAB-1640 RP membrane secondarily treats product water produced by using SWC5-1640 to reduce the boron concentration in the water to a level that doesn’t affect the human body.