Nissan Motor has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Endesa, an electricity supply company, to develop a Quick Charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) in Spain.

The agreement requires Nissan and Endesa to deploy Direct Current (DC) quick charging technology based on the internationally accepted CHAdeMo standard for EV charging stations throughout Spain.

Nissan will support the deployment process of Endesa’s Quick Charge device, which will be compatible with the Nissan Leaf EV, and in return Endesa will allow Nissan to participate in its SmartCity project in Malaga and its Quick Charging demonstrator project in Catalonia.

The collaboration also calls for Nissan to share energy supply knowledge and ideas learned during the development of the Nissan Leaf and other EV projects, to help Endesa develop a sustainable transport policy based on the EV as a key element in combating climate change.

In addition to this MOU, the Renault-Nissan Alliance has also signed agreements with the city of Madrid, the city of Barcelona, the city council of Sevilla and the regional governments of Andalucia and Castile-Leon to collaborate on various EV projects.

Endesa chairman Borja Prado said that the company is committed to be the leading utility for EVs in Spain and Latin America, and that it is partnering with the most important players in this market, such as Nissan.

“Together we will unite our forces to ensure that the quick charge network will be ready when electric cars are widely adopted,” Prado said.