Realizing that the development of a charging infrastructure, particularly charging stations in condominium buildings in the urban areas, is important for the widespread acceptance of EVs, the two companies will jointly launch ‘Demonstration Project for EV Charging Infrastructure in Condominium Buildings.’

Under this project, Nissan and Daikyo will work in cooperation with Daikyo Astage, a wholly owned subsidiary of Daikyo to review and suggest approaches to installing chargers in condominium buildings.

Additionally, the project will have Nissan providing condominium owners with EVs and chargers on a test basis to for a trial period in order to identify any problem, address potential remedy and study the overall operation of the charging stations.

Daikyo plans to utilize about 10% of the parking in each of the condominium buildings in its Lions Mansion Series to install charging infrastructure that is scheduled for construction after April 2010.

Nissan, Daikyo and Daikyo Astage call for participation from interested condominium buildings and condominium association boards in Yokohama city and Kanagawa prefecture (with management commissioned to Daikyo Astage) in the program.