The new battery charging network infrastructure will be incorporated into Manitoba’s existing recharging infrastructure and will help promote the use of zero emission electric vehicles (EV) in the region.

The partners will work together to discuss possible incentives for EV infrastructure providers and EV users and will use public education activities to promote the use of EVs and the regulatory changes.

Nissan Canada president Allen Childs said the company is encouraged by the ongoing interest of partners like the Province of Manitoba and Manitoba Hydro to help build the infrastructure support for roll-out of the Nissan LEAF in Manitoba.

Manitoba minister of innovation, energy and mines David Chomiak said the agreement will allow the region to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing fossil fuel with clean, renewable hydroelectricity.

Manitoba Hydro president and CEO Bob Brennan said the company will work with the public and private sector to meet the grid requirements needed to support electric vehicle use in Manitoba.

The Nissan LEAF is a medium-size five seat hatchback with a range of 160km, based on U.S. EPA LA4 cycle.