The federal government cautioned all international oil companies (IOCs) operating in the nation for failing to meet their domestic gas supply commitment designed to meet the 6,000 megwatts (MW) target by December 2009. Minister of State, Petroleum, Odien Ajumogobia, has issued a warning in a session with the chief executives of the IOCs in Abuja.

In the meantime, the government has started the procedure of recovering the lost capacity in power generation in Nigeria as part of the measure to fill the gap between available capacity and the country’s electricity generating capacity.

This development is also part of the efforts to realize the 6,000MW target set by the end of 2009.

Under the government’s “Strategic Plan for the Attainment of 6,000MW Target by December 2009,” a total of 6,574MW would be achieved if the existing power stations are completely restored.

However, in the absence of complete rehabilitation, all the gas-fired power plants and the hydro stations across the nation have the capacity to produce about 4,213MW but only less than 3,000MW are now being delivered to the national grid owing to insufficient gas supply.